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Vidid Sydney 2018

Vivid Sydney: Exploring the Uniqueness of Multicolour Light-Themed Festival

Everyone seems to be familiar with one of the largest light festival in Australia that is held annually in the center of the territory of New South Wales – Sydney. The sparkling atmosphere embellished along Darling Harbour to Botanic Garden.

Not to mention, Taronga Zoo — one of the most popular tourist sites in Sydney, is also particated in Sydney’s biggest light festival. Vivid is one of the spectacular event that has been afoot since 2008, and the number of visitors each year has never receded.

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Video Mapping on Sydney Building

Vivid Sydney offers a variety of services and attributes for visitors who want to enjoy this festival more comfortably, which is certainly not free, of course. Visitors are required to book and pay for a number of spots or places such as in the Taronga Zoo area, as well as to enjoy a beautiful view on the ferry deck and having a candle light dinner with family, friends, or partner around the Sydney Harbour at night, accompanied by the twinkling lights that shimmer in the sea reflection underneath the moonlight.

However, to be honest. Visitors feel comforted and amazed already by the Vivid Festival that is open for public. You do not need to pay more to enjoy the glimmering lights, but if you like to pay extra to spend your leisure time with your loved ones, there is always an option.

Vivid Sydney. is an event that cannot be missed when visiting Australia in May to June. An experience that would mind-blowingly make you satisfied and the best way to enjoy Sydney at night. If you are keen to strolling and playing around with abundant light projections and video mappings, this is your right go-to itinerary list!

Happy Weekend Guys!

Source and contributed by : Devi Arifianti

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