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LZY Visual is going to Sumonar 2019 Yogyakarta

LZY is going to Sumonar, A Projection Mapping and Interactive Art Visual 2019 at Yogyakarta. SUMONAR 2019 will be held from 26 July – 5 August 2019 at 0 km area, including Museum Bank Indonesia, Kantor Pos Besar Yogyakarta, Kawasan Nol Kilometer Yogyakarta and Loop Station Yogyakarta.

This is the second time we are invited by JVMP id as organizer to Projection Mapping Festival at Yogyakarta. Before it named JVMF, Jogjakarta Video Mapping Festival who held together with Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta in 2018. Now, They held independent festival, SUMONAR 2019. We are very excited about this festival. Because it is the first time that Projection Mapping communities held independent Projection Mapping Festival in Indonesia. We know that people in Yogyakarta had a stable community of projection mapping. That is so cool and really inspiring.

More information you can visit Sumonar 2019 website at jogjavideomapping.com or check on their social media.

Sumonar 2019

We already process our concept and animation and soon we’ll deliver it to SUMONAR 2019 Comittes. Hopefully, we can entertain you guys. Safe flight to Yogyakarta this weekend and also the next weekend. Save the date!!

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