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Nawa Bhakti Satya

The city of Surabaya Entrusted LZY to revive Gedung Grahadi by Telling the journey of East Java Provinsi for 74years.

Anchored in history Gedung Grahadi, is a followed meaningful experience for East Java. It is then followed by a Projection Mapping spectable of a coronation following a variety of celebrations in the Anniversary Province of East Java.

Projection Mapping uses 8 Projector with 10.000 Lumens Projector light intensity and a size venue of 50 Meters weight and 13 meters height.

This project telling the program for East Java “Maju dan Sejahtera”, The program is called Nawa Bhakti Satya. Faithfull and Noble devoted to the welfare of East Java Province. Delivered by LZY through stunning visual mapping artwork. 


Visual Produced by LZY Visual

Video Documented by Bunker Creative

Event Organized by


Animation Led by Esa Perkasa Novesada
Animated by Esa Perkasa, Septian Anom
3D Modeler created by Festival Committe
Illustrated by Rendy Wahyu



Pemprov Jatim