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Light Up Fest Romania LZY Visual

The Mysterious Egg, Romania

Palas, Iase

Light Up Fest 2017

LightUp Festival is organized by the Palas Iasi urban ensemble, a mixed-use project developed by the IULIUS Company, defined by its focus on cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism and attracting over 16.6 million people every year. By means of this event, Palas continues its series of projects that offer the local community access to an innovative side of the arts and get it engaged in the efforts to promote and support local talents in various fields. The Palas ensemble is located in the center of Iasi, the largest city outside the Romanian capital, and it includes a Renaissance style fitted park with a central axis that provides a spectacular panoramic view of the Palace of Culture. The participants will have the unique opportunity to leverage the architecture of the edifice built between 1906 and 1925, combining elements of the Neo-gothic, Romantic and Neo-baroque styles. Their creations will be projected on the southern façade of the Palace of Culture. "The Mysterious Egg" 3rd place winner of International Video Mapping Competition, Light Up Festival in Iasi, Romania.


Light Up Fest Romania