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Jakarta Kian Benderang PLN Disjaya

Premium Gala Dinner of "Jakarta Kian Benderang" who held by PLN Distribusi Jakarta Raya as appreciation to PLN's Premium Customer. Attended by Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta Sandiuno and entertained by Andienaisyah. This was the glorious event that we supported in visual. Black and Gold as the main theme bring the light to come up with the event itself. The stage installation itself has around 24m length and 4m height size. Using three 20.000 lumens and two 15.000 lumens projectors we succeeded to bring the light up. Playing 3D animation on the box surfaces is such great and immersive idea that we made it for this event. We arranged it with some light and gold dark content animation as the main theme for a fully immersive effect.


PLN Disjaya