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LZY Visual at Sumonar 2019

Opening Sumonar 2019

(26 July 2019) Sumonar 2019, a Projection Mapping and Interactive Art Installation Festival is opened for public at Titik Nol Area, Bank Indonesia Office and Kantor Post Indonesia Office Area. Sumonar 2019 has two main programs, besides it a Projection Mapping festival, it has a exhibtion of interactive art at Loop Station behind of Kantor Post Indonesia Office. Another programs is creative sharing and creative workshop by invited national artists, Isha Hening and Ican Agoesdjam from RPTV.

There are a lot of national and international artist that joined festival this year, including us of course as Projection Mapping Building artists from Surabaya. We join the opening of festival for a couple days in Yogyakarta. It was so hype, people come and enjoy, also entertained by our artworks. You can check the press release of this festival on their official website.

There 2 facades that projected in this festival. They are Bank Indonesia Office and Kantor Post Indonesia building. Projection is supported by 5 Projector Epson from Epson Indonesia. one 25.000 Lumens laser projector and 4 of 15.000 lumens laser projector. The projection is bright surely, we can really enjoy the animation lively, although there are some light around the venue still on. Great job Epson!

We are really enjoy the moment of this event, again! Hopefully we can keep contributing for projection mapping community by join this great festival. For you, if you would like to come this festival, keep safe your stuff and be carefull of traffic around the venue of festival, especially Titik Nol Area. Enjoy!!

You can visit Sumonar 2019 website at jogjavideomapping.com or check on their social media. to check show schedules.

Sumonar 2019 LZY Visual 1
Sumonar 2019 LZY Visual 3
Sumonar 2019 LZY Visual 2
Sumonar 2019 LZY Visual 4

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