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Jazz Traffic at Atlantis Land

Jazz Traffic at Atlantis Land Surabaya

Imagine a water screen emerging from the middle of a Middle of Atlantis Sea. An ark of fine water droplets hangs in the air to from a night time in canvas. With high resolution projected imagery, and animations appear like holographys suspended abobe the Atlantis Sea. more able to imagine the atmosphere of the ocean. Imagine a the beauty of the Atlantic sea life is closer.

LZY Visual produce original animations and bespoke video content to tell compelling storiesm reinforce before and amaze audiences. Out water screens are ideally sited in any body of water or in specially created. This atmosphere coincided with the Jazz Traffic Surabaya event which brought Audience closer to the Atlantic sea with an easy going song. 

Jazz Traffic Surabaya which was held on September 14-15 at Atlantis Land yesterday also brought many visitors, many visitors passed through this mapping area and felt amazed. LZY Visual supply all elements as required. From barges, floatation devices, and generators to high power, high resolution projectors. All pre-production is carried out in our studio by talented 2D and 3D graphics and animation artists, with full audio and video editing capabilities.

Shows can be performed with or without audio, as a stand alone installation or integrated into a wider spectacle. We work with brands and cultural organisations to create spectacular live events.

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